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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 3651 south ih 35stop 6063 ausc

Instructions and Help about 3651 south ih 35stop 6063 ausc

Music the ocean voluntary disclosure program existed by itself for several years and but they found that there were so many people that they were catching in this program who really were not that not really bad bad people a lot of people didn't know what they were supposed to do and they they were what we call non-willful they could prove that they really did not intentionally avoid this so the non-willful program they wanted to make sure they got even more people signed up in these programs and and the note the program that they then approved for the non willful people is called the streamline program under the streamline program you had the same kind of procedures except nowhere near as draconian under the streamline program you had to do three things one file three years of income tax returns amending those returns putting in the putting in the worthy amount of income that you had excluded number to file bank deposit reports only for a six year period as opposed to the eight year period in the offshore voluntary disclosure program and in that six year period they would charge you a penalty of only five percent of your highest balance but then you also had to do something else to ensure that you belong then this more lenient program you had to sign under penalties of perjury a document that said I was non willful and here are the reasons I was not willful and the document had to be prepared by a lawyer for the most part and had to spell out certain elements that would prove your non willfulness the streamline program has also been a very successful program the IRS on the two different programs have collected billions and billions of dollars and put many more people on the tax rolls now reporting all of their income Music you Music.

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